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Beta-Sitosterol and Your Prostate Health

For men who are suffering from prostate related symptoms and are seeking for safe alternative therapies, beta-sitosterol may be the answer.

Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol found in several everyday foods and has effectively been shown to -
* Inhibit growth of prostate cancer cells and can even destroy the cells through protein phosphatase.
* Decrease inflammation by binding to the prostate.
* Improve urinary flow and help with urinary incontinence and urgency.
* Prevent difficult urination.

To incorporate beta-sitosterol in your diet, use vegetable oil as this is its best food source. Canola, corn and soybean oil, vegetable shortening, margarine made from corn or soybean oil, and tofu or soybean mayonnaise all contain high amounts of beta sitosterol.

Other significant sources of beta sitosterol are avocados, grape leaves, fava beans, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, cashew fruit, rice bran, wheat germ, pistachio nuts, almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts, macadamia and pecans.

Another pleasant source of beta sitosterol is unsweetened baking chocolate. Now brownies will be a good source of beta sitosterol by using ingredients with high beta sitosterol – vegetable oil or margarine, unsweetened baking chocolate with chopped nuts of your choice.

Beta sitosterol is safe when taken in normal amounts such as amounts found in food. Clinical studies though have shown it may cause side effects, most of which are not usually dangerous.

An added benefit of beta-sitosterol is it has been found to lower cholesterol, by inhibiting the amount of cholesterol that is permitted to enter the body.

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